Medical Records


This practice will close permanently on Friday 16 February 2024

All referring doctors AND individuals with complex medical conditions, and adults and children with food allergy/anaphylaxis have already been provided with copies of their letters following consultation.

These letters are your medical record.

These can be provided to your new GP or other health practitioners that you might chose to consult. BUT: it is better that the patient have their medical records, since they can then give a copy to a medical practitioner of their choosing. It saves having to try to find a new copy if that GP moves or the practice closes. If electronic copies of medical records are supplied (the preferable option), it is best to keep the files in a safe place in a computer document folder, and not leave them on email servers alone, where again it may be difficult to find on searching years later (or even lost).

If you are a past patient of this practice, and cannot find these documents, you can request a copy  to be transferred to you or another doctor of your choice.

We will need to be able to identify the person making the request, and know that the patient authorises the release of their records (eg a signature).


Fillable web form to submit the request online:

Downloadable record request form (Word)  to print and fax/post: Record request.docx.


Fees may apply depending on the nature of the request and are payable before the request is actioned.

We will action requests as soon as possible, but please be aware that we will be closed from 25 January to 12 February 2024, inclusive.


Before 16 February 2024: Tel 02-6282 2689

After 16 February 2024: PO Box 4206, Kingston ACT 2604

Last reviewed 25 January 2024